PARK(ing) Day

Parking Day

When is PARK(ing) Day? PARK(ing) Day is on Friday, September 19, 2014, from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

How many spots will there be? Approximately 35 parklets throughout Providence

Where will the parklets be? Parklets will be located throughout Downtown and along Broadway on the West Side.

How do I sign up to host a spot for PARK(ing) Day? Please fill out the form below to sign up to have a parklet. We will notify you as more information becomes available.

Who can host a PARK(ing) Day spot? Anyone can host a spot for PARK(ing) Day, including activists, artists, architects, local businesses, and individual citizens.

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Are there any rules about the design of the parkletss? There are just a few rules:

  •  There must be a barrier between your park and the vehicular travel lanes, and the barrier must be tall enough that a driver can see it and know not to swerve into your park.
  • No commerce or overt advertising can occur in the park. It’s okay to advocate for an issue, or to say “This park brought to you by XYZ Organization,” but parks cannot look like trade show booths.
  • Park construction cannot encroach on vehicular travel lanes, at any height.
  • Stay away from corners.
  •  Parks can only be in the space when it’s legal to park a car there. If the space is subject to rush hour, loading zone, handicapped or valet restrictions, then the park is subject to the same restrictions.
  • Rule of thumb: if you can park a car in it, you can have a park in it.