Park(ing) Day

Parking DaySponsors



PARKing Day Reserved Sign 09-09-2013


No. Address Designer
1 111   Westminster Street URI Landscape Architecture
2 130   Westminster Street Partnership for Providence Parks
3 99   Weybosset Street Hans Vermy
4 184   Weybosset Street BETA Group, Inc.
5 188   Mathewson Street Zipcar
6 333   Westminster Street Northeast Collaborative & Veri   | Waterman Associates
7 87   Empire Street AS220
8 200   Washington Street Trinty Rep & DBVW
9 160   Washington Street AIAri EPC
10 158   Washington Street ASLA
11 135   Washington Street The Greene School
12 Mathewson   Street at Lucie Way Gravelly Hill Design Group &   RGB
13 69   Washington Street RWU Architecture
14 140   Union Street Union Studio
15 50   Eddy St RISD 2nd Life
16 225   Westminster Street Birchwood Design Group
17 191   Westminster Street The Lincoln School
No. Address Designer
1 92   Spruce St Pastiche
2 144   Broadway Rocket to Mars
3 168   Broadway McInnis Tattoos
4 267   Broadway Dash Bicycles
5 486   Broadway Mi Deleite Restaurant
6 486 A   Broadway Nutri Centro Botanica San Miguel
7 504   Broadway Analog Underground
8 60   Valley St Yellow Peril Gallery
9 60   Valley St Just Art Gallery
10 1577   Westminster St Fertile Underground
11 865   Westminster St Classic Café
12 717   Westminster St Ada Books
13 705   Westminster St New Urban Arts
14 166   Broadway The Grange
15 399   Broadway Cluck!
16 Potters   Ave YMCA headquarters
No. Address Designer
1 111   Hope Street EcoRI
2 200   Wickenden St Utrecht

What is Park(ing) Day?
Park(ing) Day is a worldwide event for artists, designers, and citizens to transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks. For more information, visit the global Park(ing) Day website.

When is Park(ing) Day?
In 2013, Park(ing) Day is on Friday, September 20, from approximately 9:00am to 5:00pm (times may vary by spot – Parks can only be in the space when it is legal to park a vehicle there.

How many spots will there be?
35 Parklets throughout Providence

Where can I go to see parks?
Parks are located around  Providence.

Map of the parklets below.

How do I sign up to host a spot for Park(ing) Day?
All spaces are full for 2013 in the downtown area, thank you for your interest and all those who are participating. We look forward to seeing you next year to sign up for 2014 PARK(ing) Day

Who can host a Park(ing) Day spot?
Anyone can host a spot for Park(ing) Day, including activists, artists, architects, local businesses, and individual citizens.
Are there any rules about the design of the parks?
There are just a few rules:

  • There must be a barrier between your park and the vehicular travel lanes, and the barrier must be tall enough that a d river can see it ad know not to swerve into your park.
  • No commerce or overt advertising can occur in the park. It’s okay to advocate for an issue, or to say “This park brought to you by XYZ Organization,” but parks cannot look like trade show booths.
  • Park construction cannot encroach on vehicular travel lanes, at any height.
  • Stay away from corners.
  • Parks can only be in the space when it’s legal to park a car there. If the space is subject to rush hour, loading zone, handicapped or valet restrictions, then the park is subject to the same restrictions.
  • Rule of thumb: if you can park a car in it, you can have a park in it.