PARK(ing) Day

Parking Day

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014  8:00am – 4:00pm

How many spots will there be? Approximately 35 parklets throughout Providence

Where will the parklets be? Parklets will be located throughout Downtown and along Broadway on the West Side.

Who can host a PARK(ing) Day spot? Anyone can host a spot for PARK(ing) Day, including activists, artists, architects, local businesses, and individual citizens.

How do I sign up to host a spot for PARK(ing) Day? Please fill out the form below to sign up to have a parklet. The following maps of PARK(ing) spaces identify the locations of the parklets.

Sign Up! Please choose an available parklet location from the list below. Numbers correspond to those on the Downtown and West Side maps.

Are there any rules about the design of the parklets? We’ve compiled a number of resources to help you plan your parklet. Click on the links below to download.

PARK(ing) Day Resources

Can’t participate, but want to sponsor PARK(ing) Day? Download this form for our sponsorship opportunities: PARK(ing) Day Sponsorship Opportunities