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Bridge House – Small Scale Built Design – By: Kate Field & Associates


Project Statement:
“Bridge House” is a newly renovated, contemporary shingle-style house on the coast of Rhode Island. The property consists of a 2.4-acre lot in a quiet residential community overlooking scenic Narragansett Bay. The landscape scope included an overall update of the entire site and reprogramming to provide a resort like environment to meet the changing needs of a growing family while being sensitive to the coastal buffer zone. The project was completed in 2010.

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Private James H. Quinn Square

1509_Page_01Project Statement
Located at the gateway to Central Falls, the renovation of Quinn Square sets the tone for the transformation of the downtown core, simultaneously breathing new life into an underutilized  public space while acting as a catalyst for an active, vibrant streetscape in this diverse community.  Operating  at the scale of a small urban park, it provides a consistent seasonal burst of color, texture and pattern while also serving as a fitting space for memorial observations.

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Washington Pedestrian Bridge – Large Scale Built Design – By: BETA Engineering


Project Statement:
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Washington Bridge, once a city street connector and interstate highway carrier, is now a preserved landmark and vital link in the region’s growing bike path, pedestrian way and park system. The design and geographical location promote the attraction of thousands of bicycle commuters and recreational users as it supports health, educational and economic growth and sustainability.

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Veterans Memorial Park – Planning and Analysis – By: BETA Engineering

Vets Memorial Park_No Anno.jpg

Project Statement:
The Veterans Memorial Park Master Plan is a visioning instrument for restructuring a disorganized memorial park into a destination for reflection and a landmark for civic activities.  The design team, led by landscape architects, facilitated the charrette process by listening to the needs of different stakeholders and their perception of the opportunities and limitations of the site.  This process guided the group towards a positive consensus and produced a design that balanced the sensitive treatment of the veteran memorials while providing a safe and compelling public space.  This project is moving forward with final design of Phase I, which is scheduled to commence this winter.

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City Walk – Planning and Analysis – By: L+A Landscape Architecture


CITY WALK is a network of connected urban landscape spaces enhancing the everyday life of the city. In 2014, a landscape architecture study for this 7.8 mile route culminated seven years of advocacy to incorporate CITY WALK into municipal and neighborhood planning, which it has successfully accomplished. Two principles guide the ambition of CITY WALK: connect eight Providence neighborhoods via a network of pedestrian spaces/bicycle routes and improve equitable access to urban assets.

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Kiruna Town Hall Square – Honor Award – By: L+A Landscape Architecture


Project Statement
Kiruna Town Hall Square is the initial public space to be constructed in the new center of Kiruna (Sweden) — ninety miles north of the Arctic Circle and site of the world’s largest underground iron ore mine. Ground subsistence associated with the mine requires that the city relocate almost 2 miles east of its current location. The existing town hall’s bell tower is relocated and surrounded by groves of birches to anchor the new town square.

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Swan Point Cemetery Office Complex Renovations and Additions – Large Scale Built Work – By: Searle Design Group


The 169-year-old Swan Point Cemetery, one of the first garden cemeteries in the United States, faced a challenge: how to plan and implement a much-needed expansion of its office complex and crematory, while maintaining the character of its beloved park-like grounds. The focus was to utilize the space efficiently within the confines of three bordering streets: increasing the capacity for memorial and burial gatherings. We proposed loca­tions for two new columbaria and a new garden columbarium, pathways, and plantings so that Swan Point could have flexibility in planning its expansion with longevity in mind. The progression of vistas from partially-cloistered to open was criti­cal in connecting this densely built portion of the cemetery with the rest of its grounds.

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