Call for ExComm members for RIASLA


RIASLA Executive Committee Nominations Now Open

Help strengthen our profession! Nominate a friend, colleague, or yourself today. The strength of RIASLA comes from the dedicated efforts of our member volunteers. Join the team and make a difference.  


Five Executive Committee positions are up for election this year:  President-ElectTreasurer, Secretary, Communications Chair, and Public Awareness Chair. These positions will take office at the end of the ASLA Annual Meeting held in October 2018.

All positions are voting members of the RIASLA Executive Committee (“ExComm”) – the President-Elect position requiring a three year commitment (including one year as President-Elect, one year as President, one year as Immediate Past President), and the other positions serving one year.

All positions require attendance at monthly RIASLA ExComm meetings and include the duties outlined in detail below. The position of President-Elect requires travel to two annual meetings: Spring Chapter Presidents Council Meeting (typically held in Washington, DC) and Fall Chapter Presidents Council Meeting held just prior to, and at the location of, the ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo. Certain expenses associated with these trips (travel, accommodations, some meals) are reimbursed in part by ASLA and in part by the chapter. Participation in the annual ASLA Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill, as part of the Spring meeting, is also required.


RIASLA will accept Nominations (including self-nominations) for these positions until May 18, 2018. Candidate’s name, phone number, and preferred email should be emailed to by Friday, May 18, 2018  

In the nomination email, please include the position nominated for as well as the name and phone number of the nominee. Please also cc the nomination email to the person you are nominating. If you want to include a short paragraph about the nominee, you may, but it is not necessary,

A slate of up to two nominations per position will be presented to the RIASLA Executive Committee for approval, after which the slate will be presented to RIASLA Full and Associate Members for voting if there is more than one candidate for a position. If the vote of the membership results in a tie between two or more candidates, the election will be decided by a vote of the ExComm.


President-Elect/President/Immediate Past President

Typically, the President-Elect/President/Immediate Past President shall be a Full ASLA Member elected for a commitment of three (3) years: one as President Elect, one as President, and one as Past President.

As President-Elect, s/he is a voting member of the Executive Committee and involved in most leadership/chapter management decisions.  The President-Elect also acts in the place of the President when asked or appointed by the Executive Committee.  S/he prepares a slate of committee chairs and members to take effect when s/he becomes President.  Preference is given to the current chairs.

As President, s/he presides over all chapter and Executive Committee meetings, represents the Chapter with other organizations, ASLA at the Chapter President Council Meetings, sets the chapter agenda with the consent of the Executive Committee, and is the primary point of contact for all ExComm members.

As Immediate Past President, s/he supports the new President in his/her duties, provides counsel, advice, and direction as needed.  S/he assumes the role of President when asked by the President or the Executive Committee and attends the ASLA Spring and Fall Meetings on behalf of the Chapter with other chapter leaders.

The President-Elect/President/Immediate Past President must be a Full RIASLA member.


The treasurer shall be a Full or Associate ASLA Member elected for a term of one (1) year.

The treasurer shall: collect all fees, dues, charges, and other funds due the Chapter; be the custodian of all Chapter funds and disburse such funds only as authorized by the Executive Committee; keep the accounts of the Chapter that shall be open at all times to inspection by the Executive Committee; present quarterly reports on the financial condition of the Chapter and year-end financial statements to the Executive Committee; and perform such other duties as are customary for the office of chapter treasurer or as may be assigned or delegated by the president.


The secretary shall be a Full or Associate Member elected for a term of one (1) year.

The secretary shall: maintain a record of the proceedings of the business meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Committee; prepare and issue notices of the meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Committee; prepare, issue, and receive ballots; administer annual and special elections and notify candidates of election results; serve ex officio as a member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee; maintain the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter; certify documents; and perform such other duties as are customary for the office of chapter secretary or as may be assigned or delegated by the president.

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair shall be a Full or Associate ASLA Member elected for a term of one (1) year.

The Communications Chair coordinates with ExComm annual planning to set themes for monthly focus areas across media. He/she coordinates timing and messaging across eNews, branded email, social media and website with assistance. He/she drafts eNews content on a regular basis and coordinates with webmaster for cross-referenced content. He/she works with ExComm to collect sponsor ads / content / stories for eNews, based on annual plan for themes. Other duties may be assigned or delegated by the Executive Committee of the Chapter.

Public Awareness Chair

The Public Awareness Chair shall be a Full or Associate ASLA Member elected for a term of one (1) year.

The Public Awareness Chair attends the national public awareness conference hosted by ASLA to represent the Chapter. He/she plans and manages public awareness events and posts to social media. Other duties may be assigned or delegated by the ExComm.


For questions regarding the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the positions up for election this year, please contact Melissa Bagga, current President, or Jenn Judge, Trustee at